Everything You Were Told About Getting Pregnant Again After Abortion Is A Lie

Although it’s been a long-standing belief that having an abortion increases your risk for future pregnancy complications, a new study from Israeli researchers indicates having an abortion has no more negative impact on your ability to have a future healthy pregnancy than a miscarriage.



Yes, you read that right: Having an abortion will not doom your chances at a future happy, healthy baby. Science has spoken.

The research team, led by Dr. Liran Hiersch from the Rabin Medican Center for Tel Aviv University, studied the medical records of more than 13,000 women and found no difference in pregnancy complication rates between first-time mothers who ended a previous pregnancy intentionally through an abortion or unintentionally by miscarriage.

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"Since the effect of a previous miscarriage on the risk for future complications was only mild, women should be reassured that in most cases no adverse effect is expected," Hiersch told Reuters by email.  

These findings are meaningful because 35 states in the U.S. mandate that women seeking abortion services undergo "counseling," which often contains wildly inaccurate information about the impact of abortion on their future fertility. In five states, they tell women that abortion increases their risk of breast cancer -- a total lie.

What other patient is forced by their own government to sort through fact from fiction before getting a medical procedure? Crazy.

"Most women would prefer not to have a miscarriage or be in a situation where they are choosing an abortion, but they should not worry about their reproductive health if they have been in these situations once before," said Dr. Jeffrey Ecker, a high-risk pregnancy specialist for Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital.

And that’s the most important point.

No woman thinks having an abortion is a good choice, but often it’s the best choice out of lots of bad ones. Too often, in order to access this Constitutionally protected medical care, women are forced through a gauntlet of indignities. Sometimes they have to travel hundreds of miles to find a provider, since many states are trying to shut down as many abortion providers as they can. In many states they have to make multiple trips to the clinic, which can be tough if you’re traveling hundreds of miles. On the way into the medical facility many women are forced to pass by protesters shouting horrible things at them in an effort to shame them into keeping the unwanted pregnancy.

At the very least, let’s not to lie to women in an effort to coerce them out of accessing medical care.  

No one thinks abortion is a good choice. But it’s a woman’s choice and women deserve facts. The fact is that getting an abortion will not destroy your chance at a happy, healthy baby at a time of your choosing. So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

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