Sperm Donor Who Fathered 7 Kids in 10 Weeks Has Something Moms Can't Resist


Women who want a baby without the man baggage now have a free option online: sperm donors like Kenzie Kilpatrick, who will travel to your home or a nearby hotel and, er, produce a "sperm donation" free of cost. 


Kilpatrick, who's 26, openly gay, and lives in England, runs a Facebook page called Drama Free UK Sperm Donor. He says he does this purely because he wants to help women. 

And so far he's been VERY helpful! Since launching this Facebook page in June 2014, he has given donations to 50 women. In the past 10 weeks, six have given birth to seven kids, with three more babies due within the month.

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Well, this guy certainly seems fertile -- and a bargain! All he asks is that you pay his travel expenses. So, I can certainly see why women desperate to have kids go this route. After all, getting sperm from a bank is expensive, upward of $500 a pop, with no guarantee it'll work. That's one expensive roulette wheel.

Still, as is the case with all sperm, I'd worry about STDs. Even if this dude showed me a medical document testing negative, what he slept with someone the night before with a disease?

And even if he's STD-free, I'd want to know more about those genes hiding in there. Does his family have a history of any health problems or genetic anomalies that might end up affecting my kid? That's a whole bigger roulette wheel, and one I don't want to play with my kids.

This is why banks screen their samples for STDs and genetic problems ... and why they cost more.

I'm the biggest cheapskate on the planet -- half of the stuff in my home and closet was free, dragged off the street. But sperm is just not something I'd cut corners on. I'd pay premium price because after all, this is your BABY. Isn't that little tot worth the extra cost?


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