Bride & Her Best Friends Bond At Wedding by Breastfeeding Their Babies (PHOTO)

4 friends breastfeedingFriends do everything together, right? Even nurse their babies. At least, that's the story behind this sweet photo of a bride and her three friends breastfeeding their kids right before she walks down the aisle. 


Photographer Lindsay Palmer snapped this pic at a wedding in Ontario, Canada, as the bride Jamie Riddell and her three best friends were getting their hair and makeup done -- amid breastfeeding breaks.

"As a photographer, I focus on storytelling," says Palmer. "And as it turned out, all four women in the bridal party were nursing mothers. Just prior to them getting in their dresses, they all needed to nurse their little ones. So they were all nursing at the same time, and requested a photo of this special season of their lives, sharing friendship and motherhood."

This image is particularly touching to Palmer because she was taking nursing breaks, too!

"These images are especially meaningful to me as I happen to have a 3-week-old infant I was nursing around documenting this wedding day," she says. "The wedding party was so accommodating to my own nursing needs."

Because after all, who better than four nursing moms would know that a baby's gotta eat when he's gotta eat?


Image via Lindsay Palmer Photography

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