Jurassic Ultrasound: Moms Sees Hilarious Prehistoric Find In Her Uterus (PHOTO)

Ultrasound pictures are precious treasures, but we can all admit they're pretty strange, right? It could be a baby or a squirrel -- no one really knows for sure, and honestly, no one cared until right now at this very moment. See, your ultrasound pictures are awesome and I'mma let you finish, but this U.K. couple has the best (dinosaur-containing) ultrasound pictures of all time.


Leanne Sullivan, an expectant mom from Liverpool, got the surprise of her life when she went in for a routine ultrasound and it ended up looking like a private screening of Jurassic World. Her scan showed what the Daily Mail has dubbed a "Tricera-tot," although it actually looks more like a Brontosaurus.

It appears to be a shadow on the baby's arm that caused the strange shape to appear on the scan. Sullivan said she's so excited about her baby girl that she didn't even notice it until friends pointed it out, to which I can only say, What?! I would've started squealing on the table if a dinosaur popped up on the screen during my ultrasound, but I guess this mom is just more mature than me.

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Sullivan shared the photo on social media accounts where it has understandably gone viral. Despite the buzz, she says she's not really that worked up over the image.

I wouldn't say I'm a big dinosaur fan but I did go and watch the new Jurassic Park film the other week after this happened. The baby is doing fine and the pregnancy has all gone really well but I'm desperate for her to come out now -- I'm ready to be done with it.

Ultrasound pictures are notoriously boring and difficult to decipher, but this is one people definitely won't mind looking at. If I were Sullivan, I'd probably go all out and do a dinosaur-themed nursery with a framed copy of the ultrasound. I'd pull it out at the grocery store. Hell, I'd make a T-shirt to wear over my pregnant belly so everyone would know that yes, I am giving birth to a Brontosaurus.

Pregnancy is already a weird time where people make questionable decisions regarding personal boundaries, so I can see why Sullivan would hesitate in inviting added attention. Still, I kind of wish I could track down her email and ask for some quotes for an article I'm working on about the best sex positions to conceive a dinosaur.

Best wishes to the new mom and her Little Foot!


Image via Monkey Business Images / shutterstock; Yahoo Singapore / Twitter

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