Mom Hassled for Playful Photo of Son With Down Syndrome Locked in Washer (PHOTO)

washing machineA photo of a kid with Down Syndrome inside a washing machine has stirred up tons of trouble for the 21-year-old woman who was caring for him. While some suspected the child was being abused, Courtney Stewart swears it was all in jest -- and that her narcs need to get a life.


According to Stewart, the tot loves washing machines. So one day he climbed inside, where she found him smiling happily, his hand holding the door almost shut. 

So she snapped a photo and posted it online ... and since then, she's been slammed with insults, both online and in person. Someone even called the cops on her. Check out the photo and more info below:

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Posted by Warren Williams on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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All of which annoyed Stewart, who wrote on her Facebook page, "Who phoned the police n said (the boy) was being abused in this picture for anybody that actually knows (him) they’ll know he loves washing machines so take a good look at your life first."

I feel for this mom: One time my daughter crawled into a cat cage and loved it in there, so my friend took a photo and joked, "If we put this on Facebook you'd get raked over the coals."

So, we didn't post my tot in a cage, and perhaps if this 21-year-old were a little older and wiser she wouldn't have posted hers either. But that's just poor judgment -- not a sign that this woman is abusive.

And let's get real: It's funny when kids crawl into strange places. What's more, we should be able to share these photos with our friends. But friends-of-friends-of-friends on Facebook? Well, maybe that's not a good idea.


Image via Rocksweeper/shutterstock



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