Parents Will Go Nuts Over New Dr. Seuss Book 'What Pet Should I Get?'

dr. seussHave you read your kids the Dr. Seuss books until they know every rhyme by heart? Well, you're in luck: Thanks to an unpublished manuscript found in an old box of the deceased author's possessions, a new Dr. Seuss book, titled What Pet Should I Get?, has been published.


The book features the siblings from another Dr. Seuss classic, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish -- only this time they visit a pet store and must decide between bringing home a cat, dog, bird, or fish. Decisions, decisions!

While the book's theme of making choices and weighing the pros and cons will appeal to kids, I think the people who'll really go nuts for this book are adults. Because to us (more so than our kids), we get how momentous and unusual it is when a new manuscript is unearthed from a celebrated author (hello, Harper Lee).

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And after the story is done, there's a bonus "backstory" describing how this manuscript was found and other interesting facts about the author. Plus, since your kids will no doubt be begging you for a pet afterward, I also love how this coda explains how decades ago, pet shops were a common place to get animals, but now families should consider adopting from a shelter or rescue organization. Times have changed!

Bottom line: Long after your kids have drifted off to sleep, this is a book whose pages you might still be poring over all by yourself.


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