10 Most Beautiful #BumpDay Pregnancy Shots (PHOTOS)

baby bumpWe've all heard Wednesday is "hump day," but today it's different: It's #BumpDay, a day when moms around the world are encouraged to post their baby-bump pics on Twitter.


#BumpDay was started by various maternal health organizations to raise awareness about pregnancy health. Because shockingly, each day, over 800 women worldwide die from pregnancy-related complications that could have been prevented with better quality care. 

To help these women and, hey, also celebrate your bump -- both past and present! -- go ahead and post your pic on Twitter today with the hashtag #BumpDay. Here are 10 of the most beautiful baby bumps we saw posted so far.

1. Here's ABC meteorologist Ginger Zee, who revealed on Good Morning America that she and husband Ben Aaron are expecting a boy!

2. This gorgeous baby bump pic looks like a Polaroid -- but hey, baby bump blasts from the past count too.

3. Christina Martinez was a teen mom and proud of it -- which is why she posted her pic and why we're proud of her, too.

4. Now, some real eye candy. These mesmerizing belly-painting jobs were masterminded by an artist known as DressUpDollDee.

5. In this sweet photo a mom shows off her bump in a beautiful blue dress along with her two daughters -- and sparklers! So beautiful.

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6. Here a mom shows off her bump with a pastoral farm in the background ... and what we presume is her funny hubby.

7. Here's yet another gorgeous belly with ... is that a tattoo? Or paint? Either way, it's gorgeous.

8. Here's a pic from Maureen Krebs, a United States Marine Corps officer. And it doesn't get more brave than a military mom.

9. Here's a free-spirited expectant mom who can still move to the groove.

10. And, last but not least, here's a classic: Mom with hands on her belly, fingers forming a heart to show the love she has for the little person growing inside. So sweet!


Image via Romolo Tavani/shutterstock

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