Toddler Dies in Tragic Hotel Accident We Should All Be Concerned About

A night at a hotel is supposed to be fun and relaxing, but one family's vacation turned absolutely tragic after their toddler fell from an elevated walkway at an Embassy Suites in Anaheim, California.


The 3-year-old plunged five stories from a walkway in the atrium of the hotel. She was rushed to a local trauma center where she was later pronounced dead. Police who investigated at the scene say the whole thing appears to have been a horrible accident.

Many parents prefer staying somewhere like Embassy Suites when traveling with their families. Suites are cheaper than purchasing two rooms for large families, plus they have terrific amenities, like gorgeous pools, free breakfast, and free happy hours for adults. The downside, though, is the way these places are laid out and the risks it can pose to small kids.

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Most of the rooms look out onto huge atriums and it's incredibly high up. The family was only on the fifth floor and that was enough to be a deadly fall. It makes safety a huge concern, especially with small kids who are likely to climb and make mischief if you look away for even one second.

The uncomfortable reality is what happened to this poor family could happen to anyone. It's heartbreaking to think about these sorts of accidents and how few ways there are to prevent them. Perhaps hotels could put rules in place to only give families with small kids rooms on lower floors, but it's possible that wouldn't be feasible for most places.

The only guaranteed strategy is to teach kids about the dangers of falls and to request rooms on the lowest floors when possible. Accidents can happen to anyone at any time, even on vacation. It's heartbreaking that this family's fun night away from home took such a devastating turn. I can only imagine the pain they must be feeling, and I wish there was a foolproof way to prevent these falls from happening.


Image via Leonard Zhukovsky / shutterstock

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