Ben Affleck Got His Kids an Adorable 'Divorce Gift'

None of us know the ins and outs of the Ben Affleck–Jennifer Garner family and their impending divorce, but we can all relate to the struggle of a parent trying to help their children during a tough time. To that end, it would appear that Ben thought a new puppy could be just what his kids need to get through. Affleck was spotted holding an adorable Golden Retriever puppy on Monday at an Atlanta airport. 


He was still wearing his wedding ring and was spotted later that afternoon on a stroll with his precious 3-year old son, Samuel.

Their divorce is going to impact their kids in so many ways, and it seems that Ben and Jen are possibly trying to distract their kids with something happy while their parents go about the process of ending their marriage, and are trying to keep life normal for the kids. We can't imagine their heartbreak, and if this puppy helps, more power to them.

We just hope Ben got the A-OK from Jen. The last thing she needs is a fourth baby, especially since the children are currently living with her in Atlanta while she films her newest project, Miracles From Heaven. Would the dog go back and forth between both parents' respective residences or will it primarily live with Jennifer, if the kids are living with her most of the time? Even though they are no longer a couple, they are still co-parenting and need to be considerate of each other in that regard.

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Above all else, it is heartening to see Ben taking such an active role in comforting his children during their time of need. Considering his past struggles with gambling and substance abuse, it (sadly) wouldn't be surprising to hear of him going out and meeting women or reverting back to his old ways with drinking and partying. His focus is clearly on his kids and getting them through the divorce with as little disruption as possible. The fact that he is still wearing his wedding ring and making a point to visit his children while they're staying with Jennifer are all signs that he is putting his kids first. For that, we admire him as a parent.

With what a toll parents' divorce can take on a child, we very much hope that the new puppy provides the Affleck kids with a measure of comfort and a happy diversion while they settle into their "new normal" with their parents living apart from one another. 


Image via Splash News

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