Newborn Torn From Mom's Arms Even After She Chose Not to Put Him Up For Adoption

Adoption can be a very difficult decision for a birth parent to make. But what about when the decision is taken out of her hands entirely? That's what happened to Kimberly Rossler of Mobile, Alabama, when her baby boy was taken away from her just three weeks after he was born.


Rossler states that she had been in talks with an agency called Adoption Rocks early in her pregnancy but had begun to change her mind midway through. According to her, the adoption lawyer brushed off the doubts she raised as if her desire to keep the baby was just a passing fancy, and didn't counsel her on how to cancel the adoption arrangement (according to the attorney's statement, she wasn't informed by Rossler until just before birth that she wanted to back out).

Because Rossler only had a verbal agreement with the prospective adoptive family, she was led to believe that nothing would be finalized unless she chose to sign adoption paperwork after the birth of her son, James Elliot Rossler -- which she didn't do.

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For three weeks after the birth she believed all was well -- until the sherriff's deputies arrived on her doorstep to take the baby away before his 1-month birthday. She describes her own screaming and crying as she was required by the officers to pack her baby up in his car seat and watch him be driven away. Weeks later, she hasn't had any contact with him since then; not even to know how he's doing without her. She knows very well, though, that she's not doing well without her child.

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As a pro-choice feminist, I believe that a pregnant woman's right to choose has to encompass all possibilities: whether they choose birth control to prevent pregnancy in the first place, or abortion, or adoption, or to keep the child -- even if they had originally considered adoption. Taking away infants from women who deal with "crisis pregnancies" in spite of the stated wishes of those birth mothers is unethical and as anti-choice as you can possibly get. I'm pro-choice and I support Kimberly Rossler, and I hope that she is able to get back to her son soon.


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