Mom Arrested for Bringing Kids to Job Interview -- What's Wrong With This World?

mom arrested bringing kids job interviewYou can file this terrible story under "Moms are damned if they do and damned if they don't": A mom out of Houston, Texas, has been charged with child abandonment because she left her children in a mall food court while she was about 30 feet away having a job interview.


The mom in question, a college student by the name of Laura Browder, agreed to meet a potential employer at a local food court. She couldn't arrange last minute childcare for her two young children, ages 2 and 6. So she decided to have them sit at a table within her sight as she had her interview.

The arrest came moments after Browder accepted the job.

I think this story is so heartbreaking. Not because the kids were in any danger or because I don't think Browder would have jumped up if anyone approached them, but because we all know that decent childcare is so hard to find, especially for a mom who had just moved to a new city and was trying to find employment. Browder is trying to support her family and I think this was just a severe case of overreaction. This isn't some mom leaving her kids in a hot car to go get a manicure or something. 

In a statement, Browder said: 

This was very unfortunate this happened. I had an interview with a very great company with lots of career growth. I am a college student and mother of two. I would never put my name, background, or children in harm's way intentionally. I have a promising future ahead of me regardless of what the media tries to portray me as. A judge released my children to me knowing that I was a good mother who just made a not-so-smart decision. My children weren't even 30 yards away from me, I fed them and sat there with them until it was time to meet with my interviewer. This too will pass and I am not concerned with [what] outsiders have to say or what they think.

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She says her decision was a not-so-smart one, and I think she learned her lesson. There are so many other horrible parents out there intentionally causing harm to their kids that we should all be clutching our pearls over. 

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