Parents Ignore Crying Child, Restaurant Owner Screams At Her, Everyone Here Is A Jerk

Do you ever hear about an argument where you just can't sympathize with either party? Today's story of "ugh, everyone here is terrible" comes via a local diner owner who started yelling at a toddler whose parents were ignoring her.


Darla Neugebauer is the owner of Marcy's Diner in Portland, Maine, and according to her, the incident occurred after the child's parents had let her cry for the better part of an hour with the breakfast they'd ordered for her lying just out of her reach. After trying to hustle the family out the door by asking loudly for their check and bringing them to-go boxes for the pancakes that had been ordered for but never given to the upset child, she finally shouted at the child, "THAT NEEDS TO STOP." Way to be the adult in this situation, lady.

After the child's mother took to the restaurant's Facebook page to complain, Neugebauer responded in kind in the comments:

Just to make this totally clear, here is the short list of what you accomplish when you scream at a toddler, especially one who does not happen to belong to you:

1. You terrify her.

2. You look like a total asshole.

But as long as we're making lists, let's go over what happens when you as a parent ignore your screaming child in the middle of a restaurant full of other diners and waitstaff, too:

1. You teach her you don't care about her needs (or the needs of others, who might like to go out to breakfast without going deaf).

2. You look like a total asshole.

Did the situation merit raising one's voice? I can't argue with that assertion. I do, however, take issue with the idea that the person Neugebauer should have been yelling at was the toddler at the table, and not the parents of that screaming, hungry, confused ball of 2-year-old id. Someone needed a stern talking-to here, and I'm pretty sure it was not the young child being deprived of breakfast for no apparent reason.

Parents, don't let your kids sit and scream through a tantrum in the middle of a store or restaurant. It's hell for everyone else, it's not that great for the kid, and it makes the rest of us parents look bad. And entrepreneurs, think twice before you decide to yell at someone else's small child. And if you're still considering doing so after thinking twice, think three times or however many it takes before you can control yourself a little more than that toddler can.


Images via © Susan Chiang; Marcy's Diner / Facebook

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