Mom Finds Nasty Notes About Her Son With Autism Stuck All Over Her Car (PHOTO)

Eliese Livingston, a mom with a beautiful little boy with autism, left her car parked on the street in her neighborhood in Sandy, Utah. Her car has a sticker on the back window which reads "Autistic Child: May Not Be Responsive To Verbal Commands." When she woke up the next morning she discovered some neighborhood creep left some stickers of their own. 


Her little boy, Kyler, has been diagnosed with autism and three other developmental disorders. His mom had placed the sticker on the car in case of emergency. To keep her little boy safe. 

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Livingston, who has only lived in her neighborhood less than a month, has filed a police report with her local department for vandalism. At the very least, I hope the creep who did this sees this story covered in the news and considers how unkind and unnecessary this act of cruelty was. Or they realize that, considering they can't even spell "unentitled," they may not want to be so fast to pass judgment. 


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