What This Student Did With Her College Fund Will Infuriate You

If you were fortunate enough to have college tuition and expenses paid for by your parents or other family members, I don't need to tell you how lucky you are. It's a privilege that most students would be wise enough to recognize and appreciate. But there is a 22-year-old woman who appeared on a radio show recently to tell her sob story of squandering her $90,000 college fund in only three short years.


Her whining over her incredible misfortune (eye roll) and her attempt to justify blowing all of that money and not being able to pay her way through senior year is positively infuriating. Excuse me while I cry her a river and play her a song on the teeniest of violins.

Only going by "Kim," this student went on Atlanta-based radio show "The Bert Show" this week to lament how she came to be penniless after going through the $90,000 her grandparents left her to pay for college. Fair warning: You may feel an irrepressible rage after hearing her explain herself. 

When questioned about how she ran out of money, she states that “I used it to budget for school clothes and college break money. I probably should have not done that. I took a trip to Europe. The Europe thing I thought was part of my education and that’s how I tried to justify that.” She goes on to place some blame with her parents by saying they should have "taught me to budget or something." She then whines that her parents won't help her now and this seems to make her angry as "they’re not being honest with me saying they don't have [money] because my dad has worked for like a million years and they have a retirement account."

I'm sorry, but what, what, WHAT? This infantile and selfish "woman" (I use the term loosely since she clearly has a load of growing up to do) wants her parents to use their retirement account to pay for her college? Is she totally out of her mind, or the most selfish and entitled brat on the face of the planet? Her parents can't work anymore. They need their retirement money to survive the rest of their lives! She can take out loans and repay them as she works for the next 40-something years. Or, she could get a job right now and work her way through college. Although, from the sounds of it, she thinks she is above that too, saying that getting a job at school would be "embarrassing." This girl simply must be kidding.

As a parent now going to great lengths to set aside money for my kids' future college tuition, I think this woman needs to be grateful she got as much as she did, understanding that many kids get absolutely nothing! She needs to swallow her pride and get a job or take out loans like the rest of us. My parents helped me some, but I took out loans that I am still paying for in my 30s. It's part of adult life, plain and simple. My husband and I will do all we can to help our kids with paying for school, but we are not super wealthy and need to be concerned with our own future too. Financially, our retirement is a much bigger priority than saving for their college, and if our kids somehow got it all paid for by a generous grandparent and then wasted a bunch of it? We would be livid and certainly would not be bailing them out.

Kim did call the show to update them a few days after her initial confession and said she has come to realize she will need to get a job. She whines that she has no work history and is having trouble finding anything, but that is the reality of entry-level work. It sounds as though she is at least coming to terms with the fact that her gravy train has ground to a halt, and hopefully she will be able to grow up and move forward after this embarrassing (and now public) incident. 

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