New 'Racy' Princess Leia Action Figure Has Parents Going Ballistic

For years, parents have been agitating for better representation for their daughters in the action-figure aisles of toy stores. So why are some parents now upset over Hasbro's new Princess Leia figurine? Well, take a look above at what Leia is wearing (or, rather, what she isn't wearing) for a costume, and you might have an inkling over what the issue is.


The figure's costume is the infamous "Slave Leia" look the character wore in the third Star Wars film when she was a captive of Jabba the Hutt, and it is movie-accurate from the metal bikini to the chain around Leia's neck. Parents are left wondering why Hasbro chose to include this skimpy costume (the one the character was forced into and sexually assaulted in by her captor) for a toy line marketed to kids as young as 4 years old, and I'm wondering the same thing myself.

Not only is this particular moment in Leia's character development a -- at best -- questionable choice to include in the toy line. But perusing the Hasbro's Black Series of Star Wars toys, I noticed that not only was this costume selected, it was one of only two available for Leia. The other option was her "bounty hunter" disguise, and in that action figure, as in the movie, you can't see Leia's face. Leia's classic all-white costume and cinnamon-bun hair? Not an option. Her outdoorsy battle camo from Return of the Jedi? Nope. The choices for kids who love Princess Leia are to either play with her dressed as a sex slave, or to have her dressed in a way that you can't even tell it's her at all. Terrific.

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In fact, perusing the full toy line, of the almost 80 options, only about 6 or 7 appear to be female characters. That's a pretty sad fraction, but it's in keeping with the times. No Gamora, Scarlet Witch, or Black Widow action figures from Marvel. No Wonder Woman movie for two more years yet, and God knows what we'll see in terms of merchandise even then. No female Minions (because, according to their creator, girls never act "dumb and stupid," and so they also never get to be goofy, gross, or funny, apparently.)

Can we get down from this pedestal now, please? And when it comes to the science fiction–loving little girls out there, their choices are pretty much "Slave Leia or bust." It's a pretty sad state of affairs, and I'm pretty sure we can do better. Doesn't someone want to make some great girl toys and take my money, already?!


Image via Hasbro

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