Lauren Hill Wins 'Best Moment' ESPY Award In Second-Biggest Tear-Jerker of the Night

Caitlyn Jenner's speech stole the show at the ESPY Awards last night, but let's not forget the second runner-up for tear-jerker of the night: The two-minute long tribute to Lauren Hill, a ridiculously brave college basketball star who died this April from an inoperable brain tumor. But she played basketball until the end.


The tribute honors Lauren's short career as a player for Mount St. Joseph University, and the indelible marks she left on the people around her and the college basketball community as a whole. 

Watching someone so young go through something like this is awful no matter who you are, but it's so much harder for moms to not see their own kids somewhere in Lauren's face. 

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So what's wonderful about Lauren's story is that she still lived through her cancer -- she played basketball as long as she could and her whole community rallied around her to help her dreams happen. That's beautiful, and so wonderful to see.

Congratulations, Lauren -- we'll miss you!


Image via THE ESPYS/YouTube

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