Mom Posts Stages of Her 'Real' Body Days & Weeks After Birth -- Marks, Jiggly Bits & All

postpartum bodyJulie Bhosale

To further debunk the myth that moms can easily "bounce back" to their svelte old figures after popping out a baby, New Zealand mom Julie Bhosale posted photos of her postpartum body in the days and weeks after birth ... and the Internet ate them up.


In a post titled "My Real Postpartum Body," this mom hopes to offer some comfort and a reality check to other moms who are frustrated with how pregnancy does a number on your body that's harder to fix than the media might make you think. Read her thoughts on the matter below:

You live in a society that pushes images at you every day of women who have given birth and just 'bounced back' -- great for them (truly, that is great, Kate Middleton you are amazing!). But this is such a small minority. For most of us, our bodies change, and change a lot. It is scary, it is hard, it can be downright disgusting and upsetting but it is real and normal.

In fact, this nutritionist admits that "although I am a qualified health professional, I am also a mother and my body has also not just 'bounced back.'" So there!

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All I can say is, thank God there are moms like this one out there who aren't afraid to tell it like it is. Because honestly now, what new mom has time to hit the gym?

I also think it's nice to see this series of photos all together, since they also show that although pregnancy really does mess with your figure, progress can be made -- albeit slowly. By week 14, she's looking pretty good!

Thanks, Julie, for this inspiring reality check.

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