12-Year-Old Girl Steals Dad's SUV & Drives Into Church So You Should Probably Hide Your Car Keys Now

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A 12-year-old girl took her two younger siblings for a car ride that ended much better than it could have: Shortly after taking off around the block in Forth Worth, Texas, the girl crashed the SUV into a church. 


The dad was out at a nearby store during this family fiasco -- but, thank God, no one was injured. Even the car suffered minimal damage. Probably the church was the worst off, with a crack in its brick wall as a reminder of this ill-fated joy ride. Police aren't pressing charges.

And while some people might be tempted to look for a scapegoat and blame the dad for not being home, I don't see that as a huge problem, since typically 12 is the age when kids are legally allowed to stay at home alone.

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But to me, this does raise the question of kids and cars. After all, kids are curious, and I could see plenty of kids trying this little stunt. You'd think they would know they shouldn't, but this incident goes to show that kids don't always have a good grasp of how dangerous things can be.

For instance, kids are notorious for underestimating the dangers of drugs and alcohol, for starters. My 5-year-old daughter underestimates the danger of jumping from trees, or frolicking in the ocean. Pretty much any threat out there, kids just don't take that seriously. Worse yet, they see danger as exciting. And that's why parents need to step in and say "hel-lo, ever heard of undertows? Well let me explain..."

And cars, well, we can understand how kids might get the wrong idea. Maybe they've even driven a go-kart, and thought, "Well, a car is just like a go-kart only a little bit bigger. This will be a snap!"

So, maybe this is a lesson that parents really should sit a kid down and explain that the kids should never, ever drive the car, and explain what could happen if they do. Or else, you can also just hide your car keys! In other words, there are plenty of ways to keep your kids from following in this girl's footsteps and ending up on their own joy ride that could end so much worse than this one.

Did you ever drive your parents' car without their permission?


Image via ArtBitz/shutterstock

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