Parents Claim 'Minions' Toy Curses at Their Kids (VIDEO)

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There are only so many times you can hear a kid's toy play its little jingle before a parent starts to get a little loopy. But there's a difference between coming up with your own lyrics to "Old MacDonald" as a survival tactic and thinking your child's toy is spewing curse words. Some parents are claiming their kids' Minion toys have potty mouths, but maybe these dads just needs some "me time."


Parent in a number of cities are angry with their kids' Minions Happy Meal toy, but not because they stepped on it in the middle of the night even though they told their kids to pick up. Instead, they've taken to the media in an effort to make the fast-food chain stop handing out a toy because these dads are convinced that it says, "What the f--k."

Here, take a listen and see what you hear:

Did you hear it? We didn't either.

The grandparents in the video, however, aren't the only ones to claim they heard "WTF" (but not the abbreviated version). A number of dads in Ohio made the same claims about potty-mouthed Minions to their local TV station.

McDonald's, not surprisingly, denies these claims and says it has no plans to stop distribution of the toys.

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While it's refreshing to hear that kids these days are still allowed the occasional french fry, these dads are being silly. This toy is clearly speaking the gibberish language those lovable little Minions are known for. And if the dads really, truly believed these toys were corrupting the morals of their children, the solution is much simpler than complaining to corporate headquarters or calling the news. It's a McDonald's toy, for crying out loud -- it's played with for approximately 47 seconds before your little sister breaks it or you lose it between the cushions of the backseat. If as a parent you don't like it, distract them with something shiny and throw it away when they aren't looking.

Even if there was possibly a way to interpret the toy's phrase as having a sinister definition, it's really not that big of a deal. Unless the dads point it out, kids are unlikely to notice. Besides, you can't hide them from foul language forever. Kids are going to swear, whether by accident when they're young and don't know what they're saying or with great gusto and feeling as temperamental teens.

Toddlers speak in gibberish most of the time anyway, and there are plenty of us who have listened, horrified, as our child tries and fails to pronounce "truck" while in public. So even if this toy did swear, the likelihood that your kid could pronounce the bad phrase with any amount of coherency and comprehension is minimal.

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Honestly, it's a shame the toy doesn't have hidden adult content; it could come in handy for those moments when Mommy's reached the end of her rope: "Where's that Minion toy? Mommy needs a good laugh."

While these dads get major bonus points for being invested in their kids' moral integrity, come on. It's just a toy.

What do you think this toy is saying?

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