Judge Sends Kids to Juvenile Detention for Refusing to Eat Lunch With Dad

kids juvee refusing lunch with dad

When parents divorce, it can be rough on their kids -- only for one mom's three children in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, it's beyond devastating. The reason? Maya Tsimhoni's three children -- ages 14, 10, and 9 -- were sent to juvie for refusing to eat lunch with dad.


The Tsimhoni family has been mired in divorce proceedings for five years, and the kids say they don't want to see their dad because he's violent and they've seen him hit their mom.

But Judge Lisa Gorcyca claimed they'd been "brainwashed" and ordered them to have a "healthy relationship" with their father.

And when the kids refused? She held them in contempt of court and sent them all to juvenile detention ... until they turn 18.

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Talk about harsh!

For one, it sounds like those kids may have some good reasons for not wanting to sit down and have a pleasant lunch with good old Dad. I mean, hello, they're saying he's violent! Even if they were "brainwashed," the kids still seem to believe it's true, so this really should be taken into account.

Still, even if those kids are lying and their dad is sweet as pie, the fact remains that the parents are getting divorced -- and that can mess with kids' minds. I think in a divorce (or even with married couples!), kids get angry at one or the other parent (or hey, even both) for lots of reasons. I'm not saying their anger is always justified ("But why can't I go to the Cannibal Corpse concert?"), but give 'em a break -- they're kids.

So, for a parent to hear their children say, "I hate you and never want to talk to you ever again!" is kinda par for the course -- within any family, although particularly during a divorce. Parents and even judges can stress the importance of good parent/child relationships until they're blue in the face, but kids are going to go through whatever they're going through. They should definitely not be punished -- much less sent to juvie until they're 18!

I just hope this judge wakes up and thinks about her childhood ... and the time she, say, refused to speak to her mom for three days because she wasn't allowed to date until she was 16. I hope this judge realizes that these kids are in a rough situation -- made much rougher now that they've been taken from their mom and are sitting behind barbed wire.

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