Company That Photoshopped Little Girl's Face Has Bizarre Response for Her Angry Mom

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UK Mom Lauren Holsten had adorable vintage-style photographs taken of her 18-month-old daughter Lexi at Domingo Portrait Services, located in the mall in Sittingbourne, Kent. There was a two-week wait to receive the pics, and when Lauren picked them up, she noticed something was missing from the photos. The company edited out Lexi's birthmark on her left cheek. This didn't sit well with mom.


Lexi has a strawberry naevus mark on her cheek, also known as a capillary hemangioma -- it's very noticeable but tends to fade away by the time a child is 9. When Lauren had the photos taken of her adorable daughter, she didn't tell them to edit out her birthmark. And why would she? It's not like a mom of a child with blue eyes would ask a company to change them to brown eyes. To me, it's really that simple. But to this photo company, they just went ahead and edited out her birthmark. Imagine how Lauren must have felt when she first viewed the photos and noticed that her daughter's appearance was altered without permission.

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Lauren did what I would have done -- she returned to the store and questioned them. They ended up giving her the unaltered pictures eventually, but they also blamed her for not telling them to leave the birthmark in the photos. What? They blamed her?! That's ridiculous. As I mentioned, this is part of Lexi's appearance -- she's beautiful and perfect just the way she is -- and the company should not be altering her looks without being asked to do so. This family deserves an apology. But the company is refusing.

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Domingo Portrait Services got themselves in a bit of trouble with this one -- they have reportedly been told they cannot operate in the mall anymore. Though they have said they changed their original policy and will talk to parents about editing before taking any liberties, why they cannot apologize is beyond me. Quite simply, it's the right thing to do -- the nice thing to do. This is a company that works with children -- families -- all the time. Where is the understanding? Where is their heart?

I love how this mom said that she would never Photoshop anything on her daughter because it wouldn't be her if she did. She's right. And Lexi is darling just the way she is.

What would you do if a company altered photos of your child without your asking them to do so?


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