Dead Grandma Makes Incredible Appearance in Baby's Ultrasound (PHOTO)


Moms love staring at their sonogram pics ... only what if you saw the ghostly face of your deceased grandmother in your ultrasound image, smiling back? That's what Irish mom Debbie King saw in her own sonogram images, and her friends agree the likeness is uncanny.


Debbie was in for her routine 20-week ultrasound scan, and at first didn't notice anything until a friend pointed out the blurry yet unmistakable image of a shadowy face on the side of her baby's head. That's when Debbie clearly saw her grandmother Teresa King, who passed away in 2012 at age 82.

"As soon as I did I could see it was Nanny. It's not like you've even got to squint," Debbie told the press. "I showed it to a few other people and they agreed it looks like her. They thought it was the strangest thing that they have ever seen in their whole lives."

Check it out below:

Debbie is actually comforted by this eerie image of her late grandmother.

"It feels like she is watching over us," she said. "It has made me feel a lot more at ease during the pregnancy."

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Of course, this is all hogwash ... show the same inkblot to 10 different people and they will all see what they want to see, right?

And yet, just to play devil's advocate, I'd say that even just believing or hoping there's something to this -- that Nanny is watching over this pregnancy -- could have a positive impact on this mom-to-be's mindset. So much of pregnancy is just about your attitude that even a slightly unscientific, woo-woo belief can still be a plus in my book.

Have you seen anything strange in your sonogram pics?


Image via ACherst/shutterstock

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