Mom of 5 Says She's Found the Secret to Delivering a Baby in Just 15 Minutes

pregnant womanBringing a baby into the world is awesome, but the side effects of pregnancy and the pain of labor are not. One mom claims she's found the secret to having a mere 15 minutes of labor, but her "secret" may have you reaching for your pitchfork rather than hopping on the bandwagon.


Sharny Kieser, a mother of five from Australia, is currently pregnant with her sixth child. Kieser gained around 66 pounds with her first four pregnancies and experienced difficult, long labors. She began exercising and working out diligently while pregnant with her fifth child, gained approximately 22 pounds, and had an incredibly quick 15-minute labor. Now Kieser is promoting a book claiming that the way to have a quickie delivery, avoid morning sickness, solve the pain of contractions, and prevent postpartum depression is to simply become a gym rat while pregnant.

She practices what she preaches:

Working out vs not working out while pregnant has been a huge difference for me and truly changed my life and my...

Posted by Sharny & Julius on Sunday, July 5, 2015

While taking steps to have a healthy pregnancy is a good thing, Kieser's core message is a great one that's getting lost in all the smugness and judgment she's wrapped it in.

Working out while pregnant and sticking to a healthy diet can have benefits. As long as your doctor is on board, exercising during pregnancy can be a fantastic way to relieve stress, strengthen your back as it works overtime, or even burn off those ice cream sundaes that you know you don't technically need, but crave. And staying within the prescribed weight gain your doctor deems healthy for your body can help you have a faster recovery post-labor and maybe make the first post-baby glance in the mirror a little easier. 

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But being active and eating well during pregnancy can't guarantee you an easier pregnancy. Motion sickness can strike anyone, and we really should change the name to "anytime sickness," because it's never kind enough to strike only in the morning. Postpartum depression is a product of chemical reactions and hormones in the brain, not eating too many Big Macs in the second trimester. Claiming you can completely eliminate these complications through a strict diet-and-exercise program only serves to shame women who experience them and make them feel responsible for things that are truly outside their control.

The idea that hitting the gym will shorten your labor is just another way to make women who have difficult birthing experiences feel guilty. There's no way to squat-jump your way to a short, easy labor because if you could, everyone would do it.

Labors routinely progress faster with subsequent children, so despite Kieser's claim that her fitness level is what made baby number four make such a rapid appearance, there's no way to know if her abs are what helped, or it was just her body knowing what to do from previous labors.

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Taking steps to be healthy while pregnant is great, but having a baby is not a "one solution fits all" situation. Best of luck to Kieser on the birth of child number six, and if delivery takes an hour let's hope she doesn't blame it on not doing enough burpees.

Did you exercise while pregnant?

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