Facebook Helps Mom Finds Son Kidnapped 15 Years Ago

mother son reunion

Fifteen years ago, when Hope Holland's youngest son Jonathan was only 3 years old, he was allegedly kidnapped by his father. Jonathan's mother and father shared custody, but his dad took him to Mexico and that was the last time Hope saw her son. Jonathan, now 18, posted a picture of himself as a toddler with his long-lost brother on Facebook, hoping his mom or his brother would see it. And that miracle happened. Hope saw the photo and knew they were her kids -- she had taken the pic of her sons 15 years ago. 


The power of Facebook! Part of their emotional reunion can be seen here.

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Upon seeing the photo for the first time, Hope said:

At first, my body responded with panic and excitement. Heart palpitations and sweat ... my breathing out of control. I was the one who had taken the picture, so I obviously could be certain that it was them. Tears uncontrollably fell down my face, my hands were shaking, my body was shaking ....

Hope and her son Jonathan emailed through Facebook, and then they spoke on the phone for 80 minutes. This was back in January, and for Jonathan, it was like meeting his mother for the first time, since he had no memories of her. They made plans and saved up money to meet, and that meeting finally happened this past week. Jonathan is spending two months in Campbell, California, with his mom and is going to meet his brother, too. He'll return to Mexico to finish high school but then plans on heading back to Cali to make up for lost time with his mom.

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I cannot imagine the pain Hope must have felt all those years of not knowing what has happened to her baby boy. There must have been a part of her heart that felt incomplete. As she wiped tears from her eyes during the interview, I felt that pain. She was finally complete and "happy." How incredible that Facebook was able to help facilitate their reunion. I bet both mom and son feel a sense of being more whole now that they are reconnected. May they make only happy memories now.

Have you also experienced the power of Facebook when it comes to reconnecting? Isn't this story incredible?

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