The Playground Danger That's at an All-Time High in Summer

playgroundMost of us know to lather kiddos up with sunscreen before stepping out into the summer sun, but the heat poses other dangers that we might not even think about. A little boy from Texas is recovering after encountering one such danger that most of us wouldn’t even suspect -- but it's common on most playgrounds.


El Paso mom Veronica Cedillo says her son went down a slide at their local park and it was so hot it caused severe burns all over his back. She took him to the pediatrician, who told her the injury was serious enough that he should’ve been treated at the ER immediately after it happened. The craziest part? The slide wasn’t even metal. It was plastic!

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The City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Director is now warning parents against taking kids to the park between 12 and 2 p.m. when the sun is at its peak and says to be aware that all equipment -- even sidewalks -- can pose a burn risk. Metal and concrete seem like obvious sites for injury, but most of us would be less wary of something made of plastic or rubber.

As it turns out, we shouldn’t be. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, plastic slides and other non-metal playground equipment actually account for about one-third of all playground burns in the U.S. In fact, they even have reports of one child who received second-degree burns when it was only 72 degrees outside.

It just goes to show that sometimes danger lurks even where it isn’t immediately obvious. It might seem sort of silly to wander around the park on a mild day and feel the slides, but you could be protecting your kids from something really painful.

There are a lot of accidents waiting to happen at the playground, but burns don’t have to be one of them. Go for the shady parks or covered slides. Schedule park time for the early morning or closer to dusk (also, don’t forget the insect repellant!). Pay attention to the weather and check all equipment thoroughly before allowing your kids to play. A slide might seem like harmless fun, but it’s worth it to double-check and make sure your fun summer outing doesn’t turn into a total bummer.

What's your best tip for handling the park in the summer? 


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