Waitress Shares Unbelievable Note About Her Breast Milk Pump Break (PHOTO)

tea is nastyGoing back to work after having a baby is rough, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Sleep is a distant memory, your body still feels like foreign terrain, and if you're nursing, you have to try to find time to pump during your shifts, too. So yes, being a brand-new working mother is a challenge to begin with. And for one mom who works as a waitress to help provide for her 13-week old twin girls, things got even more challenging thanks to a nasty note left by some customers -- without a tip.


According to waitress Kelsey Vetter, who posted the photograph of the rude note to her Facebook page, she had stepped away from table service for 20 minutes to go pump breast milk for her babies. During that time, her manager was there to take care of her table and bring the customers their food. As Mom said in a Facebook post (that's since been made private):

I DID thank my manager for watching my section and, as you said, 'waiting on you' for the 20 minutes I had to step away to pump because I am a new mother of two 13-week-old girls whom I breastfeed.

Apparently that wasn't good enough for the customers, though, who left no tip alongside the terse note about the quality of the tea they'd been served (but that they hadn't objected to before leaving) and the fact that they'd been -- horror of horrors! -- served their food by a different person than the one who took their orders. What a travesty, truly. The full note read:

The tea is nasty & thank your manager for waiting on us.

On its face, this sounds like a breastfeeding rights story, but really, unless the customers have some sort of secret psychic powers, there's no way they could have known that Vetter had disappeared because she was pumping. What they knew is that they saw an excuse to save a couple bucks on a tip by making a working mother's life just a little bit harder -- and they took that excuse and ran with it. What we're really dealing with here is, first of all, a story about how you shouldn't go out to eat if you're a jerk. It's also, rather more importantly, a story about how being a working mom, and depending on the kindness of strangers to make a living, is an incredibly rough prospect.

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Being a working mom is hard. (So is being a stay-at-home mom, I know. I'm both, so let's save the infighting for another time. Or, preferably, never.) There are a lot of reasons we should be working to make things better for working parents -- a living wage might be a nice start, so that waitresses like Vetter don't end up making $2 an hour to be mistreated by entitled jerks. And there's no reason at all for anyone to take out a bad day, or to indulge a cheapskate impulse, on these moms. They deserve better. And as for the customer who left this note? The nasty tea they got served is exactly what they deserved for a nasty deed like this one.

What would you have done if your waitress disappeared like Vetter did?


Image via Kelsey Vetter / Facebook

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