Mom Run Off the Road for Bumper Sticker That Honors Her Little Girl

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Ciara Martinez loves the name she picked for her daughter ... at least, she did before it got her run off the road. What name could merit such a violent reaction? Try a baby name that's now associated with a terrorist group: Isis.


Ouch, right?

The thing is, Ciara had named her 5-year-old daughter this name long before it was associated with terrorism. In fact, this moniker's original associations are quite lovely: It's the name of an Egyptian goddess of motherhood and fertility. It's even the name of a song by Bob Dylan.

Yet once the terrorist group ISIS started cropping up in the news, Ciara realized she was in for trouble. After putting a bumper sticker featuring her daughter's name on her car, "there were people trying to run me off the road, people flipping me off, cursing at me," Ciara told the press. She has since removed the sticker, but refuses to change her daughter's name in spite of mounting pressure to do so.

"The hardest part is people saying, 'You really should change her name, its not an appropriate name, it's a disgrace to America,'" she said.

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So sad, when baby names go bad like this. And no matter how much parents try to plan for every possibility and pitfall when naming their baby, this type of calamity can happen to any of us, at any time.

Just think: Let's say you've given your daughter a pretty name. Then you wake up and hear news of a viral sex tape starring a porn star ... with that same name. Now, from here on out, everyone thinks you've named your daughter after her and she's screwed (not literally, but you get what I mean).

Even if you named your daughter this waaaaay before that sex tape came out, many won't even bother to do the math and realize you got there first, and that this was just an unfortunate accident out of your control.

So please, let's try to show some compassion and understanding to parents who end up in this sorry predicament. Because if we don't, karma could come back to bite you and a new terrorist group could emerge called -- guess what? -- your own kid's name.

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