Rapper in Viral Breast Pump Selfie Wants You to Share This Photo Instead

george moss

Remember George Moss, that rapper who went viral for his breast pump selfie? Well, he's responded by saying he's grateful for all the attention, but he's not the true hero here. 


So who is? His wife, of course. George may be washing a breast pump part or two, but his wife is the one who's up at all hours, feeding their kid. That's why he posted this photo and encouraged people to share this one, too: 

So earlier yesterday I accidentally had a post “go viral” of me cleaning #breastpump bottles for my wife backstage after...

Posted by George Moss on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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I love George's point about how he finds it crazy that he's gotten all this attention for just washing a couple bottles, while his wife is pulling most of the weight when it comes to feeding and caring for their kid. Great point, George!

So let's stop applauding this rapper and pat ourselves on the back. And I'm not just talking about breastfeeding moms, but ALL moms who go to great lengths to make sure their kids are well fed -- by breast, bottle, formula, and otherwise.

Do you think this rapper dad got too much attention for cleaning his wife's breast pump?


Image via George Moss/Instagram

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