Company Offers $10,000 If You Name Your Baby for Trendy Food

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Hey, want $10,000? Then all you've gotta do is name your baby after a food that's grown in popularity of late: Quinoa. That's right, BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse is offering this hefty sum in gift cards to their restaurant to the first family who pulls the trigger.


The reason? BJ's will start offering their new quinoa bowls, which need promoting. What better way than offering a huge chunk of money in exchange for a living, breathing, and (soon enough) eating advertisement?

So far, according to the restaurant, no baby has this name, so it'll be a true first in more ways than one. The baby just needs to be born between now and Labor Day; the parents will need to submit their birth certificate as proof. Then, voilà! Decades of free meals await.

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All I can say is if I were giving birth in that window, I'd give Quinoa some serious consideration. For one, of course, $10,000 is a lot of money! Or food, in this case. If I were scrambling to feed myself and my kid, a gravy train like this would be a boon. 

Plus, Quinoa is not a bad name in my opinion -- it has an exotic allure. There are plenty worse names a kid could have (Apple, anyone?).

Now, if the name were something weirder -- like, say, R2D2 or Roadkill -- that might make me less enthusiastic to cash in. Because no amount of money is worth a life's worth of your kid being teased, right? But then again, if they upped the reward to, say, $100,000, yet again I'd at least think about it, particularly if money were tight.

And besides, so many parents name their kids one thing then call them something else entirely. So even if the name is awful, you could call your child by his middle name if you hate his first.

For all of you who think I'm a money-grubbing whore and worst mom ever: Of course, it's sad to not be able to name your kid whatever you want. That's usually such an exciting parental rite of passage. But at the end of the day, in my mind, a name is just a name! $100,000 is, well, college tuition. So, go ahead and name your own kid whatever you like, ladies. Meanwhile I'll be on my way to BJ's for a free lunch.

Would you name your baby Quinoa for $10,000?


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