Mom Shows Up at Hospital Without Realizing She Already Gave Birth

woman in laborA mom in Guangdong, China, got the surprise of her life when arriving at the hospital thinking she was in late-stage labor, only to find out that she had already given birth! Don't believe it happened? We're pretty sure she couldn't either. This story sounds truly incredible. 


According to reports, when Mrs. Qi got to the hospital, a doctor observed her bloody pants and, upon examining her, discovered that she had already passed her placenta! The doctor asked where the baby was, and that was when Mrs. Qi found out that her son had come out of her and slipped down her pant leg while she was riding to the hospital on her husband's motorcycle.

Her husband and some medical staff ran back to the road and discovered that passing motorists had found their baby covered in blood and were caring for him. Luckily he was OK, save for some superficial cuts and bruises.

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We're so glad to hear this story has a happy ending. We can't pretend to understand how a woman could give birth without realizing it -- all the moms we know who have given birth vaginally definitely knew what was happening when the baby was coming out. But we guess in the haze of her late-stage labor pain, she didn't notice her son being born.

It is very fortunate this story ended with both mom and baby healthy, as it easily could have gone a different way. Let this serve as a little warning to moms in late-stage labor that maybe they should go to the hospital a bit sooner rather than later. And maybe take a taxi instead of a motorcycle. A backseat might have been helpful in this situation.

Do you have a crazy-fast labor and delivery story?

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