Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Shares Photo of Little Girl That Upsets Moms


A photo of a little girl posted by Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic is getting people all bent out of shape. The reason? Mario had caked the girl's face in tons of makeup that some say is all kinds of inappropriate.


After posting this pic on Instagram, Mario was slammed with comments like "She's beautiful but she doesn't need makeup. That's too grown. Protect the innocence" and "Too young. Babies shouldn't look like women." Check it out below:

My future daughter �� #soCute (this is not my makeup)

A photo posted by Mario Dedivanovic � (@makeupbymario) on

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My take? I actually think this girl looks lovely. Maybe it's because my 5-year-old daughter wears makeup. Not so nicely done as this girl's, but it's clearly there, and I don't mind.

Here's why: Girls like to look pretty, so I'm not going to stop her. When people point out, "But kids look great without makeup," I point out right back, "And girls look great without fancy dresses, but you let her wear those, so why not makeup too?"

As for concerns that girls with makeup are trying to look "mature" and are targets for pedophiles, I honestly think the girl in this photo (and my own) is too young for this to really be a concern. After all, it's not like she's gonna go hang out at the mall alone and get hit on by creepy strangers. I might not let my daughter wear makeup at 12 for this reason, but 5? Give me a break. It's innocent fun.

Do you think this photo is adorable or inappropriate?


Image via Dmitry Zimin/shutterstock

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