Woman Goes to Hospital to Help Twin Sister Give Birth & Ends Up Delivering Too

twin sisters deliver babies on same daySome twins really do share everything, like their clothes, friends, and even hobbies. But one set of identical twin sisters in Texas added a special item to their list of shared experiences last week when they delivered their babies on the same day.


Karen Escobar and Kathy Escobar didn't plan on their children sharing a birthday. Kathy was due to deliver on June 20, while Karen wasn't due until July 31. But on June 17, when Karen thought she might be having contractions, she asked her twin sister to come with her to the hospital for support. Sure enough, Karen was in labor, and while at the hospita Kathy also started having contractions. Kathy's daughter was born at 5:33 in the morning, and Karen delivered a son only a couple hours later at 7:42 a.m. Both moms and babies are healthy and doing well. 

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These sisters are so lucky. Not only do they get to experience raising these cousins together at the same time at the same age and stage of development, they get the added bonus of having their children share a birthday. Just imagine how epic their joint first birthday party could be! Sure, some siblings experience sibling rivalry, and some sisters might want their own time to shine as a brand new mother, but twins are special. Twins are used to sharing everything, not just toys and clothes, but big life experiences like graduation and being old enough to drive a car. Having their babies be born on the same day is just one more thing these sisters can add to an already lengthy list of things they did together. 
Even if you're not a twin, there's comfort in being pregnant at the same time as someone you're very close to. I was lucky enough to get pregnant at the same time as one of my closest friends and although my twins were born two months earlier than her son, it was amazing to have someone you're so comfortable with to talk to about all the embarrassing and icky parts of being pregnant. It's great to have someone who will be completely honest with you if you ask them if you look bloated or who will paint your toenails for you when you can no longer see them yourself. 
Parenting is a difficult job, but it can be easier with a support system. It's great to know parents with kids that are older than yours as they can help you avoid their parenting missteps. But memories of the newborn days fade fast, probably due to the sleep deprivation we all experience. It's helpful to have someone to go to when you're looking for a shoulder to lean on or a person who can relate with raising a child the same age as your own. Having close friends or a sister who's right along side you in the parenting trenches can make the tougher parts of parenting go a bit more smoothly.
Does your child share a birthday with any of your friends' children? 

Image via The Women's Hospital of Texas
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