Mom Claims Daughter's Cake Show Teddy Bears' Privates: Is She Right?

cake display caseA mom from the United Kingdom is irate with a local baker for refusing to refund her over what she calls "completely inappropriate detailing" on her daughter's christening cake. What the baker calls seams indicating where the teddy bears were sewn up, the mom sees vaginas. While I'm all for parents looking out for their kids' best interests, this is one case where the customer isn't always right.

Sharon Green ordered a pink and white cake with teddy bears from Occasions Cakes for a party to celebrate her daughter's christening. Here's a photo of a similar cake made by the bakery, shared on Facebook to prove they make all their bears the same way. While Green's cake was pink, and spelled out her daughter's name, the brazen bears have the same naughty seam:

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Posted by Occasion Cakes on Thursday, June 18, 2015

Green claims that the teddy bears on the model she saw when ordering the cake didn't have these seams, and she complained. Although the bakery gave Green sugar flowers to hide the bears' offensive lady gardens (which I think would draw more attention to the area) Green was still angry.

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She took to Facebook page to complain, saying that no one ate the cake and everyone was talking about how shocking it was. Bakery owner Steve Howarth responded, refusing to refund Green or apologize for what is so clearly designed to be a sewing seam on the bears.

I'll be honest, I knew there was something supposedly off with this cake before I looked at the photo, and although I stared at it for several minutes like a Rorschach test, I still had to go back and read the complaint to see what I was looking for. 

Although I don't see anything in that photo besides a yummy cake that I'd love a huge corner hunk of, there is a bigger issue here. As parents, we have the difficult task of teaching our children about privacy, our bodies, and what modesty means to our family. But that doesn't mean we need to be on red alert for genitalia everywhere. Nor does it mean that the appropriate response when confronted with nudity is to freak out and cover it up.
Whether it's seeing a woman breastfeeding or getting a glimpse of a men's magazine cover, at some point, children are going to be faced with other people's naked bodies, and that's okay. It's up to us as parents to discuss this with our kids so they are ready and able to handle seeing it when it happens. We do them a disservice by shielding them completely.
While Green's daughter is only three and likely too young to do know anything was amiss, I can't help but feel sad that this family missed out on a chance for a good laugh and fun family story, and I'm beside myself at the thought of all that perfectly good cake going to waste.
Do you think this cake is inappropriate?

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