Ice Cream Flavored Cereal Is Here to Whip Kids Into a Sugared Frenzy in the Morning

ice cream pebblesSummer pulls out all the stops in my house. All bets are off and every rule is meant to be broken. In our family, that generally means saying yes to every ice cream peddler that crosses our path. But this summer, cereal maker Post wants to offer our kids even more. Introducing Ice Cream Pebbles in Rainbow Sherbet flavor. You can feel your teeth decaying just saying the name, can’t you?


Before you rat me out to our dentist and pediatrician, I do feed my kids healthy, well-balanced meals, even in the summer. We eat tons of fruit, a smattering of veggies, and protein from plain Greek-style yogurt. Water replaces juice at every meal. I know what it takes to get by in the heat. And that also happens to include ice cream. We can hardly pass a truck waiting outside of our favorite parks without stopping. Before dinner? No problem, we’ll push it back. Before 10 a.m? Sure, why not? It won’t spoil lunch. And even with my lax nutritional standards, I can’t seem to get my head around feeding kids ice cream cereal.

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Let’s forget about the many types and the dangerous levels of artificial colors and flavors we might find with a look at the ingredients. I object purely on the sugar content that has to be in there. What else can this stuff be made of? At least popsicles are mostly water, and some of the good ice cream is made from real milk. This? The box has a picture of Bam-Bam smashing his breakfast bowl of cereal with an ice cream cone. You don’t need to have the imagination of J.K. Rowling to know that’s exactly what would happen if you fed these things to your kids.

Kids already go wild in the summertime because of the complete lack of schedule and extra freedom. You’d think not sitting in a classroom for hours they’d tire out quickly. Nope. It’s the opposite. They have more energy than the hours the sun is up in the sky. We need to contain those levels, not amp them up with ice cream cereal!

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The product looks great and it’s certainly season appropriate, but if you really want moms to feed this to their kids, you’re going to have to include an adult-size portion of crack for us to keep up with them. Until then, we’ll pass. These kids are already running us into the ground, and it's still June.

What would you do if your kids asked for this cereal?


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