Proud Single Mom Surprises Son With Billboard & Inspires Us All (VIDEO)

billboard praising son

As we know, parenting isn't always easy. We love our kids, teach them right from wrong, and hope they make good decisions in life. Single mom Ovella O'Neal is proud of her son, 18-year-old Aljelani "AJ" Igwe, for his graduation from LEAP Academy and the good decisions he's made and so she rented out a billboard to surprise in. In doing so, she has not only inspired their town of Camden, New Jersey, but anyone who sees it. 


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This warms my heart. I love seeing how proud she is of her son, who excelled in a town that has a lot of crime and low graduation rates. AJ, however, has always been a good kid -- and is not only a great example to his 4-year-old brother, but everyone he meets. He's going on to college to major in engineering.

Mom Ovella said of being a single mom, "Lead by example because if I can do it you can, too." She was determined to give her son the best she can, and as we know, that doesn't have to do with money or status -- it's about love and kindness. She should be proud of herself, too.

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I personally think this graduation gift (which cost $725 and will stay up for three weeks) beats a watch or phone or whatever the kids who graduate high school are wanting nowadays. This billboard really is a symbol of hope; it's inspiring and shows single parents (all parents) and kids that they too can do good with their life. Anything is possible.

Good luck, AJ! And great job, Ovella!

What do you think of this mom's billboard for her son?

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