Cops Pull Over 13-Year-Old Driver & Find Her Drunk Parents in the Car

drinking drivingA set of Texas parents are in big trouble after they allegedly left a club with their two daughters and allowed the older one, just 13, to drive them home because they were too drunk. Obviously this is an example of terrible parenting and the worst judgment ... but it brings up a good point about not asking children to take care of their parents, especially when they've been drinking.


This 13-year old had amazing judgment as according to the police affidavit, she realized her parents were too drunk to safely drive the 30-minute trip home. In retrospect, she probably should have called another trusted adult or phoned a cab company but as she is only a child herself, she can't be expected to do the right thing. Cops were apparently called because she was driving some 30 mph below the posted speed limit.

When pulled over, the police allegedly noticed a cold, half-empty can of beer shoved under the driver's seat. The police say that during questioning, the mother called it "a little adventure" for the teen.

Are they kidding us? Who are the parents here?

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Many of us drink around our children, be it at a cook-out, a restaurant or even at home in front of the television. There is nothing wrong with our children seeing us drink in moderation but there is everything wrong with expecting a child to take care of their parents when they're under the influence. This poor kid must have been terrified and for her mother to be so flippant, even to police, by calling it an adventure? You have to wonder if this was really the first time these kids have seen their parents drunk and whether that drinking has put them in danger before.

I drink in front of my kids some weekends, as many parents do. There have been times where I was not in proper condition to drive them anywhere and to that end, my husband and I (and our circle of parent friends) take turns with who gets to have more than one drink. We aren't perfect parents but this is one area where no mom or dad can afford to screw up.

If you both want to get blasted at a club, leave the kids with a babysitter and make arrangements for a safe ride home. There is no reason a young teen should have to go through the terrifying experience that this child went through, all so her parents could get drunk.

The parents have been charged with child endangerment, a state-jail felony. Here's hoping this means the end of their 13-year-old being the "responsible adult."

What do you do to be safe while drinking around your kids?

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