Video of Little Boy Drowning in a Pool Full of Adults Is an Eye-Opener for Every Mom

It's summer and of course, many parents are taking their children on outings that involve water. Keeping our kids safe while they swim and play is of paramount importance but sometimes, parents need a reminder of just how crucial it is to watch their children closely when they're around water. There is video footage going viral of a lifeguard jumping in to save a struggling child in a crowded wave pool. It's serving as a sobering reminder to all parents that they need to monitor their children in any situation involving water.


The lifeguard is being lauded for her quick thinking in saving this little boy but as parents, we all need to watch this video and understand that this child was very fortunate. We can't always assume a lifeguard will be watching when it comes to our own children. In the video you are about to see, it is clear that this was a very crowded space and this child is lucky to be alive:

The lifeguard deserves all the praise in the world, no question. Her quick actions saved this child and I'm sure his family is grateful. I don't want to vilify the adults who brought him there but it is disturbing that no one was watching him, since it is pretty clear he's not a strong swimmer. Even if he were -- wave pools are very different from a regular pool. My children are both great swimmers but in a wave pool, I would never want them to be without an adult at arm's length. Not only is it easier for them to go under, these pools are often crowded and as this video proves, adults might not notice a small child struggling to stay above water. 

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As scary as this is to see, I'm glad the video is getting such wide attention, having garnered nearly 165,000 views over the last two days. This means that parents are seeing it and being reminded of how important it is that they watch their child in case a lifeguard is not as quick-acting as this one was. As parents, we can't let our guard down when it comes to our kids in the water ... even if there are dozens of adults around

How will this video change how you watch your kids in the water?

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