Little Girls' 'Frozen' Softball Team Photo Hits a Homerun for Girl Power

frozen softball team

If you're around little girls at all, you've no doubt seen your share of them dressing up in their turquoise Elsa dresses from Frozen. Only have you ever seen a whole of bunch of them dress in their Frozen regalia for a softball team?


That's the beauty of this picture, taken by Oklahoma photographer Betsy Gregory (whose daughter is the catcher). Since posting this photo on Facebook, it's gone viral, for very good reason: It's girl power at its best!

The back-story: These girls were in dance class when their moms started steering these 4- and 5-year-olds toward softball. As added enticement, they named the team "Freeze" after their favorite movie, and encouraged them to dress the part.

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The team came in dead last in the league, but they had a ton of fun. That's when Betsy asked them to pose for a team photo.

"Little girls that are in beautiful sparkly dresses are okay to look a little tough and look a little mean," said Betsy.

And I second that notion! This photo proves yet again that being pretty and tough are not mutually exclusive. I think it's a good lesson that moms shouldn't try to fit their girls into any predetermined box of "she's into softball, not girly things" because girls really can be into both.

Have your girls ever struck a powerful yet feminine pose?


Image via Betsy Gregory Photography

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