Detailed Sex Ed Book for Kids Has the Internet Clutching Its Collective Pearls (PHOTOS)

How a Baby Is MadeThe sex talk is a pretty cringe-worthy affair for most moms and dads, but the recent reemergence of a sex ed book from the 70s -- going viral on Facebook -- has shown us all that when it comes to awkward, we really have no idea. The book is called simply How A Baby Is Made, and it was authored by Danish writer Per Holm Knudsen in 1975. It provides a detailed account of birth and conception, and it illustrates the processes using pictures that will possibly haunt your dreams forever.


Take this illustration of how babies are made:

And then there's the way they show birth:

The book began making the rounds online after Facebook user Crysta-Mai Elassaad shared photos of the illustrations on her account. The post has since been shared over 160,000 times by everyone from celebrities to major news organizations, and the book is currently selling on Amazon for as much as $612. It’s safe to say people are completely freaking out.

While it’s tempting to collectively clutch our pearls at the site of that tiny yellow penis, you have to admit the book isn’t that bad. The information is pretty thorough and the pictures definitely don’t leave anything to the imagination. They’re a little bit strange and the mustard yellow coloring definitely doesn’t help, but I think what’s most shocking to people is just seeing sex education addressed in such a direct way.

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Many parents don’t confront sex head on like they should. We treat body parts as awkward and dirty, and the actual act of sex is alluded to but rarely seen until the kids venture online themselves and look for much dirtier things than you’ll find in this book. If anything, the book is uncomfortable because it doesn’t couch sex in flowery terms or hide that yes, we’re actually talking about penises and vaginas.

I can’t say I’d sit my kid down with this book -- after all, $612 is a lot to spend on a picture book -- but I do enjoy the no holds barred approach. I grew up in a house where sex was rarely talked about and I referred to my own vagina as a “thingy” until I was about 15 years old. Maybe if I’d found this book at the library, I would’ve been a bit more educated about my body and the way it all worked -- you know, once I got done laughing hysterically.

What would you do if you found your child reading this book?


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