Second Grade Teacher Hands Out Poem Mocking Kids for Their Selfies (VIDEO)

Selfie PoemA mother in North Carolina is none too pleased with what she found in her child’s school notebook recently -- and with good reason. When looking through her 8-year-old daughter’s work to see what she should keep and save, Megan Melton came across a page with a printout of a “Selfie Poem” pasted to it – one that mocked young women who dare to think they might be cute enough to take the occasional picture of themselves.


The poem, by author Kenn Nesbitt, had apparently been handed out by a temporary teacher at Battleground Elementary, Melton’s daughter’s school. And according to Melton, even her second-grader could tell that the thoughts behind the poem were “very mean." Take a look:

selfie poem

While I wish that Melton had addressed the issue with the school before going to the local media, I’m also glad that she’s taking a stand against the idea that selfies are somehow going to be the downfall of modern society.

I have a 1-year-old daughter, and when I look at the world she’s going to grow up to live in, the last thing I want to see thrown into the mix is yet another way to undercut her self-confidence. As parents of girls, it’s our job to teach them to be strong and secure in themselves. And if taking selfies makes them feel stronger, then let’s tell our girls to take all the selfies they want.

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Our girls are going to face a world that thinks they deserve less pay, less respect, and less time than their brothers do – and we’re seriously spending time hand-wringing over whether the goofy bunny-ears pic they took with their BFF and posted to Facebook is the problem here? If you’ve ever felt a stab in the heart when someone pays your daughter a compliment and heard her respond by saying, “Oh no, I’m really not that pretty” or “Oh no, I look dumb here”, you should be cramming that phone camera into her hand. (And then buy her a book of Frida Kahlo artwork, preferably a copy with one of those famous self-portraits on the cover. Selfies aren’t as new-fangled as we sometimes act, even if the medium has changed quite a bit.)

Selfies are a safe way for our daughters to explore self-image and build confidence. Posting a selfie is a girl’s way to say “Hey, I look cute here!” or “I’m funny!”, and that’s something we should be encouraging, not knocking down. A few selfies, or even a few thousand, are nothing in the face of all the movies and advertising and crummy temporary teachers who are out there telling girls that they’re too fat, too pimply, too weird, too annoying, too ugly.

Selfies shouldn’t be scary to parents. What is scary is a bunch of adults who are terrified that young girls might make it into adulthood with their self-confidence intact.

Check out mom's concerns:

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What do you say to your kids about selfies?


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