Cops Ruin Little Girls' Lemonade Stand & All That’s Good About Childhood (VIDEO)

lemonade standIn a time-honored summer tradition, a pair of Texas sisters set up a lemonade stand to make a little money. Their cause was to earn enough for a Father’s Day gift for their dad. Isn’t that adorable? What could go wrong? Apparently, plenty. Local police in Overton, Texas forced the sisters, ages 7 and 8, to stop selling their lemonade unless they had a peddler’s permit and an inspection from the health department. You think I’m kidding, don’t you? Sadly, I couldn’t be more serious.


Andria and Zoey Green and their mother were interviewed about what happened, and mom said the girls have “entrepreneurial” spirits and are always coming up with ways to make and earn their own money. Their plan was to make $105, enough to take their dad to Splash Kingdom, a local water park. Once the police spotted them, they were asked to stop selling their lemonade and kettle corn as they were on a residential street and required a peddler’s permit.

Furthermore, the police told the girls they needed an inspection from the health department. The city was kind enough to waive the peddler’s permit fee but the health department inspection was something that apparently couldn’t be avoided. The girls were then forced to stop selling.

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As a parent, this both saddens and infuriates me. Of course, I understand the need for regulation and strict laws with selling perishable items and that there has to be order in regard to who is allowed to set up on a residential street and sell their wares. However, I strongly feel that this should not apply to little kids trying to sell a 50 cent cup of lemonade. I’d venture that most “customers” would buy the lemonade understanding that there is no health permit in place and not expecting it to be a professional situation. Children should not be held to these standards. It is purely ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

I remember selling lemonade as a kid, as I’m sure many of you do. Everyone who bought it gave us far above our asking price, obviously finding it adorable. I’m not sure if anyone even drank it but that wasn’t the point. When a child has the initiative to come up with an idea like that and follow through, it’s something that the community should encourage and support. I’m sad that my kids may not have this chance if my state is like Texas and attempts to regulate a child’s roadside lemonade stand.

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Kids need room to be spontaneous and independent in their thought. I fear this occurrence is just another piece of evidence that childhood the way we all knew it is dying. And that’s incredibly depressing. I am not one to pine for the past and allude to everything having been perfect but I do strongly feel that we are not letting kids be kids in so many ways. They don’t play outside independently the way most of us did. They don’t hop on their bikes and go down the street to see a neighbor because someone might call CPS and suggest they’re unsupervised. And now, they can’t set up a lemonade stand without getting a health permit.

Can’t we back off a little? Do we have to force children to grow up so soon and experience the doldrums of adult life and permits and fees before they’ve reached the age of 12? I’d like to think not, but when I see stories like this, it’s hard to deny that childhood is being ruined a little more each day.

Check out the sweet girls explaining why they were trying to sell lemonade in the first place:

What old-school thing from childhood do you wish you could share with your kids ... but can't?


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