Here's Every Bacteria on an 8-Year-Old's Hand After He Plays Outside (PHOTO)

germ handprint

Ever wonder what germs are lurking on your child's hands when he or she comes in from playing outside? Well, here's your answer in one freaky, fascinating photo.


Tasha Sturm, a microbiology lab technician at Cabrillo College, came up with this idea when her 8-year-old son came home from playing outside. She took a bacterial culture of his hand, then allowed the microscopic bacteria that has rubbed off onto the petri dish to grow. Then she snapped a photo and posted it online.

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But don't freak out just yet -- Sturm does say that this mess of yeast, bacteria and other microbes is completely normal and nothing to fret about. Still, though, it's definitely a glaring reminder that kids should wash their hands, and often!

I'll admit it: Unless my 4-year-old daughter is caked in a visible gunk (which is often), it can be easy to forget about the fact that even if her hands and other body parts look clean, they could be host to a jungle of activity. Maybe I'll show this photo to my daughter as well, in the hopes it'll drive the point home for her, too. This photo really does say it all!

Does this photo convince you to make your kids wash their hands more often?


Image via Tasha Sturm, Cabrillo College/MicrobeWorld

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