Grieving Parents Freeze 3-Year-Old's Body So She Can Be Saved in Future


Parents of a 3-year-old girl who died of brain cancer have decided to take drastic measures to hold onto hope that she may one day live: They've cryonically frozen their daughter.


The girl -- Matheryn Naovaratpong, whom her parents called Einz -- is from Thailand, and the youngest individual ever to undergo cryonic preservation.

The basics of the procedure: Einz's body was cremated, while her head was preserved with injections of antifreeze. It's now stored in a vault in Arizona. Perhaps one day if a cure for her cancer is found -- as well as a way to transplant her head onto a living body -- these parents' dreams of reviving their daughter will come true.

"We believe death can be overcome in the future," says Sahatorn, the girl's 41-year-old father. "Human beings are seeing technology increasing exponentially. It just doubles, doubles, doubles. If our computer systems proceed like this, they'll double their abilities minute by minute. That would allow us to solve the world's biggest problems."

While cryogenics may seem a little pie in the sky, Sahatorn and his wife, Nareerat, are no dummies; both hold doctorates in electronics engineering.

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Plus, if my daughter's life were in danger, I'd try just about anything to keep her alive -- all long shot possibilities welcome! As long as she weren't in pain and there were even a one in a zillion chance she might make it, I'd give the green light.

So, I get why these parents did what they did, and would never judge any parent for whatever outlandish things they're willing to try for the sake of their kids. Who knows? Maybe one day these parents' decision will pay off. Until then, at the least, perhaps it gives them some comfort in knowing they've left no stone unturned and done everything under the sun for the sake of their kid. 

What's the furthest you'd go to save your child's life?


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