'Human Barbie' Makes Disturbing Offer to 10-Year-Old Daughter (PHOTO)

sarah burgePlastic surgery is a controversial topic. But whether you get lip plumping injections on the regular or look forward to your crow’s feet, most parents agree children should never feel pressured to have cosmetic surgery done. Well, all except for one mother. Sarah Burge -- aka the "Human Barbie," who made a media splash a couple years back when she allowed her 15-year-old daughter to get Botox, is still making horrible parenting decisions, it seems. 


She’s been featured in an upcoming episode of Botched for wanting to get a hand lift. The episode preview shows Burge dragging her child with her to the appointment because she has given the 10-year-old girl vouchers for future plastic surgery (for her birthday no less, making the time I didn’t get that E-Z Bake oven I wanted seem like no big deal in retrospect). Apparently she wanted her daughter to see what the future holds. Pretty sure swimming with sharks would be a more acceptable form of mother/daughter bonding than this.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery. Self-esteem is a complicated and highly personal issue and life is too short to be unhappy with yourself. It’s easy to understand why people who struggle with their weight or have excess skin after losing a large amount of weight would opt to have cosmetic procedures. It’s empowering that women can chose to reduce or enlarge their breasts in order to help boost their confidence. And if you try for years to accept your nose but fail, may your rhinoplasty heal quickly and look awesome. It’s great that medical technology has come so far that we can decide to make these decisions as rational adults to improve our self-image.

But when you suggest plastic surgery to a child at age 10, you're not being a supportive parent, to their decisions; you're body shaming your child before they even know what their adult body looks like. As parents we all want to do whatever we can to help our kids feel good in their skin. It’s easy to think back on our own teenage insecurities and look for ways to help our kids avoid those same worries. That’s not what's what Burge is doing here.

By giving her daughter vouchers for plastic surgery before she's even old enough for a training bra she's telling her daughter that something's is already wrong with her. Learning about periods is shocking enough to a preteen, there’s nothing beneficial about making them apprehensive about all the other ways their body will change during puberty.

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There’s a huge difference between telling your child that you love them as they are, but will support them in wanting to get cosmetic surgery if they are unable to find peace with their appearance and giving them a voucher for plastic surgery that essentially says, “Here, you’re going to need this.” This isn't trying to help a girl work through her body issues; it's causing them for her.

Girls get so much pressure placed on their appearance by what they see in the media. But a mother’s influence on her daughter's self-esteem can be just as powerful. Sadly for Burge’s daughter, even without these vouchers, having the example of a mother who turns to extreme plastic surgery might still contribute to wanting to follow in mom’s footsteps.

Would you ever consider letting your child get plastic surgery?


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