Radio DJ Says Breastfeeding Is 'Incest' & Tells Moms to Head to Hooters

radio DJRadio DJs are known for their antics like prank phone calls and outspoken discussions. But a local DJ in Colorado Springs, Colorado took his show from candid to crude recently. Derreck Rusch, aka D Rock, is a DJ for the station 98.9 Magic FM. Listeners say last week D Rock compared breastfeeding babies to incest. To add insult to injury, listeners claim he also said that breastfeeding should only be done at a Hooters or a strip club.


Rusch’s comments were inappropriate. He supposedly compared breastfeeding to criminal and sexual acts in a way that's not only offensive, but not funny, so unless his play list is amazing, he's failing as a DJ (and I'd bet my last dollar he's a big fan of Game of Thrones).

Anyone who’s ever experienced what it’s like to worry about a baby’s latch and whether they are eating enough or has gone 10 rounds with a breast pump and lost knows how ridiculous it is to consider breastfeeding even remotely sexual. Although there’s been great public support for breastfeeding mothers recently, it’s comments like these by Rusch that prove there’s still work to be done to normalize breast feeding.

The fact is breastfeeding is nothing more than boring biology at work. Women have been doing it for thousands of years without being harassed over it, and yet now people seem unable to distinguish a stripper from a nursing mom (hint: look past the boobs, moms wear yoga pants, strippers wear g-strings). Unless you’ve got a teething baby on your hand, nothing remotely interesting is going to happen if a mom feeds her baby in public.

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It’s shocking and sad that in 2015, moms are still made to feel like they are doing something dirty or sexual by daring to feed a baby in view of other people. There are still places where moms who nurse on planes or while in restaurants are told or feed their baby to the sights and smell of the grody restroom lest the sight of a child’s head covering a nipple offend anyone. If you live in a hot climate or your baby doesn’t like to eat essentially blindfolded by a nursing cover on his face, you run the risk of people telling you you’re being immodest. Here’s the thing- staring at a nursing mom is way more offensive than the chance that someone might spot an areola for half a second while she’s nursing.

Women gathered outside the radio station last Friday with their families in protest of Rusch and his comments. Rusch declined to speak to reporters, but he did talk with protester Heather Stone on the air to publicly apologize and ask what he could do to remedy his actions. He claimed the comments were in reference to a woman in her 70s feeding a 40-year-old in a KFC but as the radio station has refused to release the recording, we’ll never know what was actually said.

Stone kept it classy by accepting Rusch’s apology rather than giving him a piece of her mind. A big virtual high five to Stone and her fellow protestors for taking action rather than just boycotting the radio station by switching to iTunes. It's empowering and encouraging to hear of women standing up for their rights, breast feeding or otherwise.

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The apology and this paper thin excuse from the radio station (my 2-year-olds are more convincing when trying to tell me they ‘lost’ the last four cookies) along with the refusal to release the original broadcast proves Rusch and the station know they messed up. But if there's a silver lining to Rusch’s dudebro comments, it's that thanks to women like Stone standing up for themselves, Rusch did apology. Hopefully the fact that this incident played out over the radio will help increase public awareness to the reality that it’s perfectly normal to feed your baby in public and will lead to more support for breastfeeding mothers.

Have you ever experienced rude comments while breastfeeding?


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