Mom's Disgusting Discovery in Popular Juice Bottles Could Ruin Your Summer


Talk about a summer downer: A mom says she found mold in a bottle of good2grow, a popular preservative-free kid juice she'd been planning to feed her 2-year-old toddler.


The mom behind this video, Nicole Kindhart, added that the juice's expiration date was in 2016 -- so there was no reason for her to suspect it had gone bad.

"I opened the juice and looked in there and I’m like: What is this? Stuck my finger in there and pulled it out and there was gooey stuff all over," she said. 

She even posted a video of the gunk she saw in the bottle, which has since gone viral. Check it out below:

Good2grow has responded with a Facebook post saying that while mold can happen with their products -- that's the trade-off when you don't use preservatives -- it's incredibly infrequent. Read more below:

We've noticed quite a bit of conversation here about mold over the last few days. We’d like to start by saying that we...

Posted by good2grow on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This post, in turn, got slammed by moms saying they've found funky stuff in their Good2grow juices, too. And the fight is on!

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Now, of course, you're probably wondering: How common is it to find mold in juice? Well, some reports say it's "disturbingly common" to find mold in juice. It happens when air enters the box, which allows the sugars to ferment and mold to grow.

Only what will happen if your child drinks it? While typically not life threatening, it can lead to upset stomach, vomiting, or diarrhea ... definitely things you'll want to avoid.

And luckily you don't have to swear off juice entirely. Just make sure to check the juice's color and smell before handing it over to your kids. And if they say it tastes funny, don't just brush their complaint off; they could very well be onto something!

Still, though, I find it sad that moms have to add this to their list of worries. They have enough on their minds to have to also worry about every juice their kids drink. Couldn't companies like good2grow do more to keep this from happening?

Have you ever found something suspicious in your kids' drinks?


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