School Calls the Cops on Parents for Cheering at Kids' Graduation


High school graduation is such an exciting event, it's understandable that the crowds of kids (and parents!) might erupt in spontaneous cheers. Yet recently when that happened at a school in Jackson, Mississippi, the superintendant responded in a harsh way: He called the cops.


Huh? Granted, school superintendent Jay Foster had told the audience at Senatobia High School to hold their cheers until the end, since the ruckus could drown out the names of subsequent students called up to get their diplomas. Still, though: Calling the cops seems extreme.

Three people were charged with disturbing the peace, which carries a fine of up to $500 and up to six months in jail ... all because they let loose a celebratory yelp for the kids.

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To me, this is so sad. I understand that high school graduation comes with a certain gravitas and that this shouldn't be a party by any means. But it's it's also an exciting time -- not somber and silent like a funeral. No one's died, these teenagers are becoming adults and moving on with their lives!

All I can say the day my daughter graduates high school, I'd probably have a hard time staying quiet. Plus, kids want to hear the applause, too -- isn't it a little eerie to hear your name and receive your diploma to pin-drop silence?

It's too bad that this school superintendent ruined what should have been a wonderful day.

Do you think cheering should be allowed at high school graduation?


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