Teacher Faces Fines for Giving Kids Something Moms Hand Out All the Time


A teacher at Williamson pre-K in West Virginia wanted to recognize and reward students. So what did she do? She gave them candy ... and, as a result, was punished for violating school policies on nutrition. 


Seriously? To me, this is just another sign of how ridiculous schools have gotten over policing what kids eat. A piece of candy won't kill them.

And luckily other parents at this school agree. When they heard a fine might be imposed on the teacher, they started raising funds to cover it; the fine was later downgraded to a milder disciplinary measure: training on child nutrition policies. But honestly, what will this teacher learn that's so earth shattering -- that candy is bad? Come on now...

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While I'm not saying candy should be doled out at school on a regular basis, I'm also not a fan of completely banning teachers from handing out candy or sweets at school. My reasons: It's candy -- not heroin. It's harmless, at least in moderation.

Sweets are also a classic accompaniment to any celebratory activity. For instance, my daughter's school bakes cupcakes for every kid's birthday. I think that's a nice treat. Just how much of a bummer would it be if, on my daughter's birthday, they dished out salad instead? Talk about a downer, right?

I also think sweets are the ultimate motivational tool ... oh all right, it's a bribe, plain and simple. And while I'm not proud of this fact, I use it all the time with my 4-year-old daughter. Once, she was fighting with a friend over who would get to ride a pony first, so I pulled my daughter aside and tried to reason with her. I appealed to her sense of generosity, and pointed out how it really doesn't matter who got to ride the pony first, didn't she want to do something nice for her friend, blah blah blah? But my daughter wouldn't budge. As the other girl went  into full meltdown mode, I decided to pull the ace out of my sleeve. 

"If you let her ride the pony first I'll get you an ice cream once we're done."

Presto, it worked. Everyone happy!

Moral of the story: A little candy just makes the world a sweeter place. Why deny schools and teachers that same privilege?

What do you think about teachers giving candy in school?


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