Mom Set to Deliver Her Fourth Set of Twins Any Day Now

twinsEmma Uhila is a magical woman. She had twins, not once, not twice, but three times so far and she is pregnant with her fourth set of twins. If we believe the wives' tales, those trying to conceive need to sit in her chair. This mama is blessed. Though some may think it's bananas because once these twins are born, she will have nine children under the age of 6 (her first child was a singleton). Emma, however, says "it's like we've won the lotto."


Emma and her husband Loma first entered the world of parenthood with a son named Micah in 2009. The New Zealand family then had twin girls Ava and Lily in 2010, more twin girls Isla and Eden in 2011, and even more twin girls Indie and Emme in 2013. The fourth set of twins are due to arrive in July. No word on if it's more girls. She would have plenty of hand-me-downs if so!

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Because I am a twin mom, I know the questions everyone wants to know, so I'm just going to get this out of the way now. These twins were all conceived naturally (not that it matters) and there are no twins on either Emma or Loma's side.

The family has routines they credit for keeping their sanity and Emma's sister helps with childcare during the day. They also have a very close family with grandparents and cousins all part of their "tribe."

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I can't help but wonder if Emma wistfully looks back on her singleton pregnancy. As a mom who has only had twins (just one set), I wonder what a singleton pregnancy is like, and what it's like to have just one newborn. Is it easier? Granted, no two pregnancies are alike -- twins or no twins. Moms of multiples can relate to this though -- we often think it would be so easy to just have one. (I know this isn't exactly true.) It's like when we run errands with just one kid, leaving the other with dad or the grandparents, and we think Wow, this is a breeze! Send back the other one. (Kidding!)

I will maintain that twins are magical. I feel really lucky to have had two in one shot. With future pregnancies continuing to be twins like Emma's has, you just have to feel blessed ... as she does.

Did you have twins? More than one set?


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