Dad Finds Long-Lost Daughter After 16 Years of Searching & Gets a Bill for Her Care

dean harper

A dad who's searched for his daughter for over a decade has finally found her. Which is amazing, only it's not a 100 percent, warm-and-fuzzy happy ending once you hear the details. 


Dean Harper in Montreal first lost track of his daughter, Athena Glusing, 16 years ago when her mom took her away without a trace. Dean kept searching, and through some online sleuthing was finally was able to track her down when she was 18.

Athena, who had no idea her dad was looking for her, has since moved in with him for some much-overdue catching up. Now, here's where things get weird: Throughout high school she'd been in foster care at Batshaw Youth and Family Centres. And even though they had Dean's contact info, they never thought to inform him, "Hey, did you know your daughter is here?"

Then, to make matters worse, once the two were reunited, Batshaw sent the dad a bill for "parental contributions" totalling $7,800. The nerve!

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I feel SO bad for this dad: He not only had no idea where his daughter was for 16 years, but to think that the foster care home had his contact info and didn't even try to reach out to him is unforgivable. For some reason, I can't help but wonder if they assumed because he was a dad he wouldn't be interested, whereas they would have contacted a mom in a heartbeat.

I do think there's a bias against thinking dads are involved. Once when my friend forgot to pick up my daughter, the day care called me (I was on the subway and missed it), and also two female "pickup friends" on my list. But they never called the dad, who was just sitting at home watching TV. I was irate. Dads are equally responsible and should be treated that way!

And the bill? Well, that's just adding insult to injury. It's not fair to never give a dad a chance to care for his child, then hold him financially responsible.

It's so sad how such a wonderful and long-awaited reunion could be marred by such insensitivity.

Do you think there's a bias that dads aren't as involved in child care as moms?


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